Friday, October 30, 2009

Let there be light!

Your home might need more light if:
  • You are constantly sick (Health sector, East)

  • Surrounded by shady or negative individuals (Relationship sector, Southwest) 14 Series Twenty-Six Pendant Chandelier by Bocci  $11,960.00 | Lumens
  • You can never get anyone's attention or are treated like a doormat (Fame/Reputation sector, South) 
  • You are always overlooked for promotions (Wealth sector, Southeast) 
  • Bad luck or paranormal activity (Family/Health sector, East) 
  • A complete lack of inspiration (Children/Creativity sector, West) 
  • An inability to retain or remember information(Knowledge/Self-Cultivation sector, Northeast)
  • Facing a glass ceiling (Career sector, North)
  • A feeling that there must be more to life (Helpful People/Travel sector, Northwest)
The obvious solution is to add more light to the sector that you are concerned about by removing heavy drapes, bushy plants or other lighting that may be obscuring sun from entering your window.

  • Pink bulbs in the lamps and pink lava lamps (Relationship sector, Southwest)
  • Red candles and red lights (Fame/Reputation sector, South)
  • Red purple and green ambient lighting (Wealth sector, Southeast)
  • Spotlights that focus on family images, strings of white Christmas lights and wooden candle holders supporting white candles (Family/Health sector, East)
  • Multi-colored Christmas lights or festive strings of novelty lights (Children/Creativity sector, West)
  • Lighting with blue lampshades or blue or purple lights (Knowledge/Self-Cultivation sector, Northeast)
  • Lighting with fluid glass or porcelain shades (Career sector, North)
  • Lights that look like angels or a lit up globe of the world (Helpful People/Travel sector, Northwest)

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Brandon said...

The chandeliers are amazing.It is so good for my new home but I know it's too expensive.

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